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Blog Announcement & Website Updates

Welcome to the lillaho blog and the revamped website! Today's post marks the launch of this blog and the relaunch of the website under the new domain name. So let's recap what's changed and what's new.

lillaho website update page on character designs seen on ipad, feed consisting of children, teens and animal designs

Blog Announcement

First, since you're already on it, let's address the blog itself. I kept playing with the idea of starting one for a while now. Social media is great for reaching new and existing followers with bite sized content but doesn't really lend itself to long format content. That's where blogs can still be relevant today  to provide extra content that would be hard to cram into an Instagram post. I want to use this site to go a little more in-depth about certain projects I might be working on, show you how I work, share tips I have learnt and maybe things I have planned for the future.

Posts will probably not be frequent but hopefully each will bring something new to the table.

Domain Name Change

Let's point out another significant change  the website domain name. It took more tinkering than I realised but I finally managed to migrate my website from to It might seem a little trivial but to me it seemed necessary to go through the hassle. I realised that as an artist on my own, it's difficult to separate myself from the art I do which feels important when I am wanting to sell my skills as a product and service. And as such, it needed an identity of its own. "Lilla Horvath" is my name but "lillaho" was always the acronym I used to share my art under on various platforms, so it just made sense.

New Content

The next visible difference that is, if you've ever visited my website in the past  is the content itself. The old one didn't really reflect who I was as an artist anymore. It started with the simple task of wanting to add the work I've done for the book "All My Friends Are Different" (which will get its very own blog post very soon) and it ended up snowballing into a complete overhaul when I realised how little I still felt my present day work was represented on the site.

Photograph of an ipad screen on showing girl sitting on bed looking out the window, girl lying on flying carpet against night sky and campervan style space rocket

Coming soon!

Email Newsletter

Content and posts won't follow a regular schedule here, so in order to keep keen readers in loop about new posts, I will create a newsletter that will inform anyone who signs up for it whenever I post something new, so they never have to miss out.

Print Shop

Lastly, I'm hoping to add a shop to the website soon. For now, the only products I have planned are some prints of a few works you see on the website. If there something specific you would definitely want to see on the shop or think of another product you would want to see printed with my work, please do let me know and I'll do my best to make this happen!

Photograph of prints against white background with girl lying on flying carpet against nightsky

That's all for now!

I hope you enjoy the new website and you'll find interesting content on this blog as well. If you'd like to stay on top of all posts, click "Subscribe" below to sign up to the Newsletter and get notified whenever I post or have major news which, don't worry, won't be frequent. Until next time!


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